From directors to fellows, and leadership to admin, everyone who works at the Clayton Christensen Institute does so with purpose and passion for ideas.

CCI staff meeting

We’re all people who, for very different reasons, feel a deep conviction that if we don’t innovate, our world will not only be stuck in the past but radically less equal than it ought to be. We also want to dig into the nitty-gritty of the process of innovation and the conditions where innovation can occur so that we’re not just advertising the next shiny object but providing a path forward for real systems change.

— Julia Freeland Fisher

Some of us started as practitioners in our respective fields and came to realize that theory provides a lens to determine more effective solutions to stubborn challenges. Others read Clayton Christensen’s books—like, How Will You Measure Your Life?—and never looked at the world the same way again. But all of us have embraced theory as a way to see around the corner into an innovation-focused future.

Our Senior Researchers

  • Ann Somers Hogg

    Ann Somers Hogg

    Director, Health Care Research

  • Efosa Ojomo

    Efosa Ojomo

    Director, Global Prosperity Research

  • Julia Freeland Fisher

    Julia Freeland Fisher

    Director, Education Research

  • Rich Alton

    Rich Alton

    Director, Emerging Research

  • Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett

    Senior Fellow, Education Research

Our Associate Researchers and Fellows

  • Anna Arsenault

    Anna Arsenault

    Consultant, Education Research

  • Bob Moesta

    Bob Moesta

    Research Fellow, Jobs to Be Done Theory

  • Heather Staker,

    Heather Staker

    Adjunct Fellow, Education

  • Karen Dillon

    Karen Dillon

    Senior Fellow, Global Prosperity Research

  • Sandy Sanchez

    Sandy Sanchez

    Research Associate, Global Prosperity

Our Staff

  • Ann Christensen

    Ann Christensen

    President & CEO

  • Ben Jones

    Ben Jones

    Director of Institutional Relations

  • Dallin Wilcox

    Dallin Wilcox

    Special Projects Manager

  • John Riley

    John Riley

    Vice President, Finance and Human Resources

  • Mary Knox Miller

    Mary Knox Miller

    Digital Strategist

  • Meris Stansbury

    Meris Stansbury

    Senior Director of Communications

  • Michael B. Horn

    Michael B. Horn

    Co-founder, Distinguished Fellow, and Chairman

  • Ruth Hartt

    Ruth Hartt

    Chief of Staff

Our Board

  • Michael B. Horn (Board Chair)
  • Ann Christensen
  • Christine Christensen
  • Leo Chang
  • Mark Johnson