Anna Arsenault

Anna Arsenault

Consultant, Education Research


My work focuses on integrating social capital, disruptive innovation, and youth development research with practice. As a former public school teacher, I’m excited to advise organizations and education leaders as they develop and implement strategies to strengthen young peoples’ social capital. Currently, I’m working with Julia Freeland Fisher to explore how hybrid AI advising models can be used to diversify students’ support and deepen their relationships.

Growing up, Clayton Christensen was a household name because my father, a former business professor, was (and continues to be!) devoted to Clay’s theories. Reading about the Christensen Institute’s social capital work brought back memories from my time at the University of Pennsylvania where I was introduced to the work of Bourdieu and Yosso. When I first heard Julia talk about opportunity gaps and how it’s not just what you know, but who you know (and who knows what you know), I knew that I wanted to join the Christensen Institute team.

I’ve met incredible people and heard brilliant ideas being exchanged while working here. My experiences on the social capital team and my dedication to ensuring all young people have opportunities to thrive led me to pursue another masters in youth development and a certificate in measurement, evaluation, statistics, and assessment. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue working part-time at the Christensen Institute while I engage in complementary work related to youth mentoring at the University of Illinois Chicago.


  • Research project manager and consultant, Education Research, the Christensen Institute
  • Social capital advisory board member, Formation Ventures
  • Graduate research assistant, University of Illinois Chicago
  • STEM teacher and interventionist, New York City Department of Education and Uncommon Schools
  • Project assistant, Community Based Mathematics Project of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Out-of-school-time co-teacher and assistant teacher, Belmont Academy Charter Schools
  • Qualitative research assistant, UChicago Consortium on School Research
  • University of Chicago, B.A. in Public Policy with a concentration in Education and minor in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  • University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Ed. in Elementary Education