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    Families on the new frontier: Mapping and meeting the growing demand for unconventional schooling

    By: Thomas Arnett

    The growing popularity of microschools hinges on their ability to understand and address the Jobs to Be Done of the families they serve. This paper provides a strategic playbook for microschool founders to help them understand and then align their programs with families’ “Jobs.”
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Meet our education researchers and unpack the education topics we cover — from students’ networks to higher education business models.

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    From child welfare to well-being: A blueprint for CBOs and government agencies

    By: Emmanuelle Verdieu, Ann Somers Hogg

    The US child welfare system incentivizes a reactionary rather than a proactive response, resulting in cases of child abuse and neglect that could have been avoided. To deliver on prevention effectively and sustainably, new business models are required.
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Meet our health care researchers and unpack the health care topics we cover — from family health to new business models.

Health Care
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    Accelerating the adoption of solar energy in Nigeria: A market-creation strategy

    By: Efosa Ojomo, Sandy Sanchez

    Why has Nigeria’s solar market not grown faster—and how can it be accelerated? To answer these two questions, we have taken a different approach and have analyzed the sector through the lens of market creation.
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Meet our global prosperity researchers and unpack the research topics we cover — from from market-creating innovations to new funding models.

Global Prosperity
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    Make your own luck in emerging economies: Six strategies for creating new markets

    By: Efosa Ojomo, Lincoln Wilcox

    History has shown that market creation is vital for building strong organizations and economies, but it’s often deemed too risky. This groundbreaking research reveals the innovative strategies successful organizations use to overcome common challenges.
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