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Our goal at the Christensen Institute is to support innovations that unlock economic prosperity, societal wellbeing, and human potential.



The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

We create impact by:

  • Producing and disseminating unique, theory-driven research on emerging trends across the social sector
  • Shaping the conversation via earned media, social media engagement, and speaking engagements
  • Spotlighting transformative innovations via blogs, case studies, contributed articles, and reports; and supporting innovators in the field
  • Seeking out and highlighting the voices and stories of real people

All too often, innovation is pursued by risky, expensive, and ineffective trial-and-error. To overcome that, we work to inform and support practitioners, policymakers, and investors on how best to identify and implement innovations that hold the greatest promise to scale.

By studying the world through the lens of Disruptive Innovation Theory and other theories developed by the late Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, our researchers bring a fresh perspective to seemingly intractable challenges. 

To date, we’ve focused on education, health care, and global prosperity as three sectors ripe with opportunity. We study and amplify solutions in these fields that can radically expand access and affordability to products, services, and supports that help more people thrive.

Under “emerging” research, you’ll find a number of reports and pieces investigating the disruptive potential we see emerging in other sectors, such as transportation or banking.

Reimagining K-12 and postsecondary education

In the US, our traditional models of education are outdated, leaving too many learners behind, disengaged, and ill-prepared for the future of work. How do we ensure that our systems expand access to a personalized and affordable education so that everyone has access to a choice-filled life?

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Considering new models of health care

Traditional health care isn’t structured or incentivized to create health. Yet, historical business models, ways of delivering care, and misaligned incentives prevail across the US today. How can new, innovative business models and policies address the root causes of poor outcomes, creating better lives for individuals and communities?

Expanding and supporting global prosperity

Most people in the world are struggling to access housing, health care, credit, food, water, and energy. How can investors, communities, and governments support innovations that have the power to transform complex services and expensive products into simple and more affordable ones to a greater number of people?

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Exploring emerging fields

The potential for impactful innovation continues to ripple across various critical sectors and industries. This open-door research vertical allows us to investigate, open new streams of dialogue, and provide initial analysis on these emerging innovations.

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