Mary Knox Miller

Mary Knox Miller

Digital Strategist


What I do is tell stories. Why I do it is to inspire change.

As Digital Strategist, I have the honor of translating my colleagues’ research—and the intricacies of Clay’s theories—into visual formats so more people can understand theory and why it’s such a powerful tool. I ask lots of questions, not only to ensure the Institute’s brand identity and messaging accurately represent who we are, but also so our stories inspire action in those yearning for innovative solutions.

Prior to the Institute, I supported the MBA Program at Harvard Business School and often witnessed a flurry of activity surrounding Clay. I’d ask, ‘Who is this gentle giant?’ Everyone kept saying, ‘Read what he said to the Class of 2010.’ I printed, highlighted and soaked in his words. Those words stayed at my bedside for over a year, eventually being replaced by his book, How Will You Measure Your Life?

And now, I play a small role in continuing his legacy while working alongside remarkable colleagues helping policymakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders radically improve entire sectors. To get at the heart of seemingly intractable problems and offer solutions through the lens of theory? I can’t think of a better way to measure my life.


  • Digital Strategist, the Christensen Institute
  • Assistant Director of Multimedia, MBA Program, Harvard Business School
  • Associate Director of Multimedia, Northeastern University
  • Photojournalist, The Christian Science Monitor
  • The University of the South, BA in English Literature
  • Boston University, MS in Journalism