Meris Stansbury

Meris Stansbury

Senior Director of Communications


In my role, I help all researchers develop their research agenda; strategize, edit, and execute all research reports and graphics; and consult on theory. I also help determine and shape the Institute’s brand, voice, and leadership in the nonprofit research community through media relations, social platform management, and outreach.

When I was an education journalist and editor in Washington, D.C., I often grew frustrated with the slow rate of improvement within schools and colleges to help students make progress in the world. Over and over again, reform efforts seemed to wither and fade away, only to resurface again years later and repeat the cycle.

One day, I watched a live recording of Clay speaking at ASU-GSV about the broken business model of college, and the disruptive potential of online education and new postsecondary models to really make a difference. It felt as if, after years of wandering around in the dark, a very bright light pierced through, illuminating a pathway forward. He gave examples like Arizona State University (ASU), Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and Western Governors University (WGU)…and I became hooked on Disruptive Innovation Theory.

Beyond being a theory fan, I find meaning in work that allows me to be part of a professional family—a community of people I’m proud not just to call my colleagues, but my friends. The devotion of my peers not only to the rigor of their work, but in trying to improve the world through it, is humbling. I strive every day to reach their level of excellence.


  • Senior Director of Communications, the Christensen Institute
  • Editorial Director, eSchool Media
  • Program Manager, The World & I
  • Kenyon College, BLA in English Literature