Michelle R. Weise

Michelle R. WeiseSenior Research Fellow, Higher Education

Dr. Michelle R. Weise is a Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute specializing in disruptive innovation in higher education. Michelle works to inform policymakers, community leaders, academic administrators, and innovators on the theory of disruptive innovation and its unique ability to clarify our understanding of the changing academic terrain in higher education.

Her commentaries and research on competency-based learning, student-learning outcomes, workforce solutions, and public-private partnerships have been featured in a number of publications and outlets such as Inside HigherEd, New England Journal of Higher Education, USA Today, National Journal, KQED, the Presidents’ Forum, Venture Beat, and GigaOm.

Prior to joining the Institute, Michelle served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Fidelis Education. She has also held instructional positions, serving as a professor at Skidmore College as well as an instructor at Stanford University.

Michelle received her BA in literature from Harvard University and both her MA and PhD from Stanford University in English literature. In 2005, she was selected as a Fulbright Scholar to South Korea.