A blueprint for breakthroughs:
Education research in 2016 and beyond

Our latest report examines gaps in education R&D and suggests a more effective approach to support personalized learning.

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The educator’s dilemma:
When and how schools should embrace poverty relief

Our latest report examines the theory of interdependence & modularity and its potential to narrow the achievement gap.

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The Clayton Christensen Institute:
A Video Snapshot

Discover what people are saying about the Institute
and the transformational potential of disruptive innovation.

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Blended: The “How To” Guide
for Blended Learning

Helping educators, system-wide leaders, parents and other stakeholders navigate the future of learning.

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Seize the ACA: The Innovator’s
Guide to the Affordable Care Act

Learn which provisions of the controversial legislation offer the greatest potential for disruptive innovation in health care.

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    Connecting ed & tech
    Partnering to drive student outcomes

    By Thomas Arnett
    All too often, the connection between teachers and technology falls flat. Pioneering schools and educators search for technology to support new instructional models, only to find that existing options do not align with their evolving classroom practices. This case study describes how Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a charter school management organization that operates high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Gooru, a nonprofit edtech company, co-developed a technology to support LPS’s personalized learning model and improve student outcomes.


    Disrupting law school
    How disruptive innovation will revolutionize the legal world

    By Michele R. Pistone and Michael B. Horn
    Law schools are growing increasingly out of step with shifts in the legal services market and are facing dramatic declines in enrollment, revenue, and job placement for graduates. Coupled with recent changes in licensure policy and the disruption of higher education in general, law schools’ inability to innovate has created a perfect storm for disruption. This white paper explores the severe vulnerability of law schools and outlines potential steps forward for university administrators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

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