solution to poverty

From TEDxBYU: Why the counterintuitive solution to poverty is no longer trying to eradicate it


July 11, 2019

What might seem like the obvious signs of fixing poverty—providing resources that poor communities lack such as water wells, schools, and hospitals—often falls short of actually solving poverty and creating a sustainable path to prosperity. In this talk, Efosa Ojomo describes a fundamental misunderstanding many development organizations and philanthropies have with fixing poverty, then highlights an interesting and surprising insight.

This talk recently published on TED‘s website, and was originally presented to a local audience at TEDxBYU. The above summary was provided by TEDxBYU. 

Efosa Ojomo is a senior research fellow at the Christensen Institute, and co-author of The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty. Efosa researches, writes, and speaks about ways in which innovation can transform organizations and create inclusive prosperity for many in emerging markets.