Preparing students for the future of work means helping them understand how to build their networks in spite of the current barriers. Julia Freeland Fisher, author of Who You Know, shows that students’ connections and industry exposure play a key role in career readiness, growth, and opportunity. Many students, especially those in underserved and rural areas, don’t have the necessary industry exposure or diverse networks and are at an inherent disadvantage when planning their future.

As society shifts to working, learning, communicating, etc. “at a distance,” we find that we are not just in a distance-working or distance-learning world, but in a distance-living world. Today’s environment of distance-living creates an entirely new set of barriers as students are unable to get jobs, internships, apprenticeships, or even begin to really plan their futures.

Join Fisher and an esteemed panel as they discuss best practices, frameworks, programs, and tools to connect students with industry professionals, careers, and opportunities in a fully virtual world.


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