The Innovator’s Prescription
A Disruptive Solution for Health Care


December 1, 2008

By Clayton M. Christensen, Jerome H. Grossman, and Jason Hwang

Our health care system is in critical condition. Each year, fewer Americans can afford it, fewer businesses can provide it, and fewer government programs can promise it for future generations. We need a cure, and we need it now.

In The Innovator’s Prescription, Clayton Christensen applies the principles of disruptive innovation to the broken health care system with two pioneers in the field—Dr. Jerome Grossman and Dr. Jason Hwang. Together, they exhaustively examine the challenges facing health care today and propose a set of clear, innovative, and actionable solutions that will both reduce the cost of health care and lead to improved health outcomes for millions.

The Innovator’s Prescription forms the foundation of the work of the Institute’s health care program.

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