School may be back in-person, but our latest national survey conducted in October 2021 of over 1,000 teachers and administrators reveals that things are far from normal. Building on more than a year of research, our easily-digestible factsheets highlight how students’ social and emotional distress, wide-ranging learning gaps, and the upheaval created by regular quarantines are impacting student learning. Our new factsheets also unpack dramatic insights on which instructional trends and district programs have staying power, the online learning and blended learning practices that may not survive the backlash fueled by challenges with remote learning, and how teachers really feel about their workloads.

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  • Thomas Arnett
    Thomas Arnett

    Thomas Arnett is a senior research fellow for the Clayton Christensen Institute. His work focuses on using the Theory of Disruptive Innovation to study innovative instructional models and their potential to scale student-centered learning in K–12 education. He also studies demand for innovative resources and practices across the K–12 education system using the Jobs to Be Done Theory.