autonomous vehicles

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation: Autonomous vehicles, Tesla, and AI


December 18, 2019

In this episode of A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation, Chandrasekar Iyer and I speak with Jay Gerhart and Ben Tingey from Atrium Health about the insights from The Race for Autonomous Ride-Hailing, our new research paper that explains the best strategies for ride-hailing leaders and autonomous vehicle startups to deploy self-driving cars. 

We discuss why it is important for innovators to accurately identify an innovation as disruptive or sustaining as this informs the correct business strategy to employ. Relative to ride-hailing, autonomous vehicles are sustaining innovations meaning that entrants should not try to compete head-on with the incumbent ride-hailing networks, but rather seek to be technology providers to them.  

Listen to the episode here.

autonomous vehicles

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