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Infographic: 3 critical must-know’s about Jobs to Be Done

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a lens that reveals the circumstances—or forces—that drive people and organizations toward and away from decisions. Here are 3 critical considerations to keep in mind!

A person or organization can have multiple “jobs”

Jobs incorporate functional, social, and emotional forces at play in decision-making.

Example: A person hiring a new home may have the job: “Help me have a space large enough for my expanding family” (functional). Their job may also be: “Help me feel like I have achieved a milestone in my life” (emotional).

Jobs can change over time or as needs or goals are met or unmet.

Circumstances are subject to change.

Example: When a school district implements a new technology, the job of leadership could be: “Help me remain compliant with state funding.” Over time, as the district discovers best practices and increasing teacher approval of the tech toward improving student outcomes, the district’s job may change to: “Help me be an innovative leader among districts in my state.”

Jobs is not asking why someone made their decision.

JTBD methodology is about uncovering a story and discovering underlying circumstances common across specific groups of individuals.

Example: Standard market research may ask someone why they purchase a Milkshake from a drive-through, and answers typically focus on flavor. However, JTBD may reveal that the circumstances driving decision-making in many customers’ days are, in fact: “Help me relieve stress with an easy-to-hold snack.”

Learn more at: christenseninstitute.org/theory/jobs-to-be-done

Infographic titled 3 critical must-knows about Jobs to Be Done