Blueprint for school system transformation:
A vision for comprehensive reform in Milwaukee and beyond


September 16, 2013

Blueprint for School System TransformationEdited by Frederick M. Hess and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj
With contributing authors Michael B. Horn and Meg Evans

Despite widespread recognition that school systems need to do profoundly better, those seeking improvement have been persistently frustrated by the mediocre results of popular reforms. School and system leaders, policymakers, and funders lack clear guidance as to the steps necessary to dramatically and effectively transform an educational ecosystem. Would-be reformers need a playbook outlining clear strategies for rethinking outdated approaches to school and system governance, resource allocation, quality control, talent management, and data use for the 21st century.

In this volume, a team of national experts addresses the major elements necessary for system redesign, describing in detail the steps needed at the community, school, district, and state level.

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Michael is a co-founder and distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. He currently serves as Chairman of the Clayton Christensen Institute and works as a senior strategist at Guild Education.