Webinar: How a new approach can help working mothers and their employers


Feb 15, 2024

On February 2nd, I joined Chamber of Mothers co-founder, Raena Boston, in a webinar to discuss our recent research report, If health is wealth, America’s working mothers are living in extreme poverty. In our discussion, Raena and I discuss pathways to improve maternal health while also improving employers’ bottom lines.

Some highlights from our discussion:

  1. Employers can implement a variety of workplace changes to improve maternal health. Reducing the conflict between work and school schedules has the potential to benefit maternal health over the longest timeframe, while also benefiting non-parents and employers themselves.
  2. We need an “employers first,” not an “employers only” approach to change. Employers can catalyze change for the nation as a whole.
  3. You can make a difference. Employees and leaders at all levels have a role to play in creating change. See the webinar for a list of actions you can take within your own organizations.

Does your workplace have policies in place to support improvements in maternal health? If so, please share them in the comments.

Ann Somers Hogg is the director of health care at the Christensen Institute. She focuses on business model innovation and disruption in health care, including how to transform a sick care system to one that values and incentivizes total health.