Unleashing the Power of Market Creation: A podcast with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business


Jul 19, 2023

In my time at the Christensen Institute, I’ve had the opportunity to record many podcasts. This one, however, about the power of market creation with Jeremy Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Andela, and Darius Teeter, the executive director of Stanford Seed is one of the most special. It not only describes the power of market creation and how it holds the key to job creation, societal advancement, and human flourishing, but it also does so with beautiful storytelling by Darius and incredible insight from Jeremy. 

Check it out here. Unleashing the Power of Market Creation

Market-creating innovations serve nonconsumers. These innovations are designed to identify and create solutions to the struggles of the vast majority of people in the world for whom no solutions exist. They serve as the foundation for prosperity ($) in many of today’s wealthy countries. To say that market-creating innovations are necessary in today’s low- and middle-income countries would be an understatement. 

One company building the framework to solve the nonconsumption of opportunity globally is Andela. In the podcast, Jeremy discusses Andela’s origins, the company’s mission, and how it is building the necessary infrastructure to scale its business. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast. More importantly though, I hope it gives you hope that we can build a better and brighter world. 

Efosa Ojomo is a senior research fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, and co-author of The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty. Efosa researches, writes, and speaks about ways in which innovation can transform organizations and create inclusive prosperity for many in emerging markets.