The SXSW EDU PanelPicker is back again! This year, learn more about the proposed SXSW EDU 2020 panels and sessions featuring the latest research from Michael B. Horn, Alana Dunagan, Thomas Arnett, and Chelsea Waite. Discover what our team is bringing to the K-12 and higher education conversation. We’d appreciate your vote and hope to see you in Austin.

What’s Next for the President’s Forum?

Alana Dunagan, Senior Researcher, Higher Education, with Scot Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University; Richard (Dick) Senese, President & Chief Academic Officer, Capella University; and James Baldwin, President, Excelsior College.


The Presidents Forum is a group of college and university presidents dedicated to the continuous reinvention of higher education. The Forum engages in collective project-driven innovation that has the potential to achieve systemic change that has a meaningful impact on students, historically including NC SARA, and the Transparency by Design initiative. This panel consists of Forum members discussing their next projects, moderated by Alana Dunagan of the Christensen Institute.

View from the Canopy: Trends in School Innovation

Chelsea Waite, Researcher, K-12 Education


What are the trends worth watching in school innovation and redesign? Join this session for a fast-paced tour through some of the most notable findings arising from the Canopy, a new, national dataset of schools reimagining teaching and learning. The insights and diverse stories of school innovation—surfaced from schools not typically found on the usual lists—that you’ll discover result from a year-long study and collaborative effort involving hundreds of organizations and schools.

Design college experiences students will choose

Michael B. Horn, Co-author, Choosing College, and Bob Moesta, Co-author, Choosing College.


Why do people go to college? The answer is crucial to designing better student experiences. Yet perceptions about the decision-making process fall far from reality. Join Horn and Moesta to explore the five motivations for why students “hire” college in the first place. They’ll lead a live interview with one of you and unpack research from their book “Choosing College.” Get inside the heads of today’s learners and leave equipped with the insights needed to meet their evolving needs.

Can Tech Make Relationships More Personal?

Thomas Arnett, Senior Research Fellow, with Stacey Roshan, Director of Innovation and Educational Technology, Bullis School, and Kareem Farah, Founder and Executive Director, The Modern Classrooms Project.


For many, “online learning” conjures images of children spending hours with their eyes glued to screens. But despite the prevalence of this stereotype, the reality in many classrooms looks quite different. When teachers use online learning to free their time from direct instruction, they can empower, rather than diminish, their relationships with their students. On this panel, teachers and researchers will discuss how they’ve seen technology impact classroom relationships.

Hastening the Advent of Student-Centered Learning

Thomas Arnett, Senior Research Fellow


There’s growing consensus that K–12 education needs to become more student-centered. Yet despite decades of reform and innovation, the core features of conventional education persist. Meanwhile, many students continue to struggle academically, socially, and emotionally. In this campfire conversation, we’ll explore participants’ views about what the future of student-centered education might look like, then wrestle with how to overcome the barriers that prevent major structural change.


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