We received some more recognition for Disrupting Class recently that leaves us humbled once again. A recent issue of Newsweek has a piece titled, “What to Read Now. And Why.” It lists 50 books “new or old, fiction or nonfiction [which] open a window on the times we live in, whether they deal directly with the issues of today or simply help us see ourselves in new and surprising ways.”

One of my late grandfather’s favorite authors, Anthony Trollope, claims the first book on the list, The Way We Live Now, and then, among books by Walt Whitman, Nicholas Carr, and Edmund Morgan, Disrupting Class is listed 14th. You can see the whole list here. Many of the books are now on my reading list.

Second, the National Chamber Foundation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce came out with its list of “Books that Drive the Debate 2009: NCF’s Top Ten Reading Selections for 2009,” and Disrupting Class leads the list. The Innovator’s Prescription, Clayton Christensen’s latest book authored along with my Innosight Institute colleague Jason Hwang is second. It’s a book that I recommend to everyone—not just those interested in health care, but also those interested in education. There are a great many parallels and many new ideas and concepts in there that have a high degree of relevance and have continued to push my own thinking.

– Michael B. Horn


  • Michael B. Horn
    Michael B. Horn

    Michael B. Horn is Co-Founder, Distinguished Fellow, and Chairman at the Christensen Institute.