Submitted by Courtney Caldwell, Teacher/Instructional Coach
Note: The information in this profile represents SY2011-12 unless otherwise indicated.
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School/organization overview

Name Los Altos School District
Type District
Locale Suburban
Headquarters Los Altos, California
First year of operation Before 2000
Grades served K-8
Enrollment 4,500
% FRL 3%
% Black or Hispanic 8%
Per-pupil funding $9,500

School/organization background

History and context 
Los Altos School District has a history of strong performance and tied as the top-scoring district in California on the 2011 Academic Performance Index (API). A strong belief among the district that 21s- century learning and innovation is important to every student’s education motivated the adoption of Khan Academy to supplement existing math curriculum.

In 2010, Los Altos School District worked closely with Khan Academy to launch a pilot program in three 5th grade classes and two 7th grade classes. Students were provided with laptops and worked at their own pace through the Khan Academy math program during designated periods of time during the school day. Teachers and administrators soon noticed increased student engagement, enthusiasm, ownership, and performance.

In the 2011-2012 school year, the program expanded to include all nine schools, all 5th and 6th grade classrooms, and many 7th and 8th grade math classes. Over 1,000 students in Los Altos School District use Khan Academy for math instruction and practice.

During the initial pilot, representatives from the district met every few weeks with Khan Academy to create a very tight design loop to help improve an already tremendous electronic tool. Los Altos School District continues to work closely with the Khan Academy implementation team.

Blended-learning program

Name Khan Academy Collaborative Partnership
Focus General
Year launched SY2010-11
Outside investments/grants $50,000
Enrollment 1,000+
Blended grades 5-8
Blended subjects Math
Content Khan Academy
SIS PowerSchool
Independent LMS None
Independent gradebook None
Independent assessment School Plan
Professional development None

Program model

Program model: Station Rotation

Model description
For a fixed amount of time each day, students rotate through Khan Academy Goals, Khan Academy Challenges, and group projects and instruction. Teachers use Khan Academy data to drive instruction and interventions.

Program description

Student experience
On a typical day in a math class, Los Altos students engage in various problem solving activities, collaborate with classmates, interact with the teacher, and have access to Khan Academy practice modules. Teachers vary the structure of their class daily in response to student needs and the day’s objectives.

The Los Altos School District is awaiting the results of a study performed by SRI International during the 2011-2012 school year.

In an effort to create a one-to-one student to device ratio and to provide appropriate teacher training and support in LASD, the Los Altos Educational Foundation has increased their donation level, school PTAs are funding technology upgrades, and Google is committed to donating a significant number of Chromebooks to assist in the effort to support blended learning in Los Altos schools.

Contact information

Name: Courtney Cadwell
Title: Teacher/Instructional Coach


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