The theory of Schools of Experience highlights that one is not born a leader, but rather a leader’s abilities are developed through their work and life experiences. In this video discussion, Jhaymee Tynan and Ann Somers Hogg discuss lessons from Jhaymee’s schools of experience, including her role as founder of 100×2030 and Principal, Health Care Services at Korn Ferry.

Their discussion highlights how sponsorship differs from mentorship, the critical role of relationships in effective leadership, and Jhaymee’s three tips for founders. Plus, you’ll hear Jhaymee’s advice about what she knows now that she wishes she’d known when she launched 100×2030.

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  • Ann Somers Hogg
    Ann Somers Hogg

    Ann Somers Hogg is the director of health care at the Christensen Institute. She focuses on business model innovation and disruption in health care, including how to transform a sick care system to one that values and incentivizes total health.