Submitted by Kenneth Grover, Principal
Note: The information in this profile represents SY2012-13 unless otherwise indicated.

School/organization overview

Name Innovations High School
Type District School
Locale Urban
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
First year of operation SY2012-13
Grades served 9-12
Enrollment 165
% FRL 61%
% Black or Hispanic 26% (SY2009-10)
Per-pupil funding $2,875

School/organization background

History and context
Our mission is to provide a student centered, personalized education by utilizing the power and scalability of technology to customize education where students will be able to learn in their unique manner and pace, where constraints of traditional classrooms and barriers to educational innovation are removed.

Innovations High School allows students to build their own schedules, selecting courses from the local community college, the district’s career and technical center, the district’s traditional high schools, and digital curricula administered on Innovations High School campus through which students can move at their own pace.

Blended-learning program

Name N/A
Focus General
Year launched SY2012-13
Outside investments/grants Unavailable
Enrollment 165
Blended grades 9-12
Blended subjects English Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, Science,  Electives
Content Utah Electronic High School, FLVS
SIS PowerSchool
Independent LMS BrainHoney
Independent gradebook PowerSchool
Independent assessment  Self-developed
Professional development FLVS

Program model

Program model: Flex

Model description
Students enroll in digital courses and have flexibility to choose when they attend class. Teachers deliver face-to-face instruction as needed, either one-on-one or in small groups.

Program description

Student experience
Students enrolled at Innovations High School can customize their own school experience, choosing to learn full-time online or to combine online learning with course offerings from the local community college, bricks-and-mortar high schools, and career and technical center. Funding follows the student to the courses of his or her choice. 

On Innovations High School campus, students work through digital curricula at their own pace, and face-to-face teachers provide as-needed interventions, help, and enrichment. The teacher of record is the face-to-face teacher (not an online teacher). Students work on specific subjects during designated periods during the school day and also have “Open Teacher Classroom” time to seek help in any or all of their classes, make up assignments or tests that they may have missed due to absences, or have additional time to work on their classroom projects or homework.

Students can work through their digital curricula at their own pace and according to their chosen schedule. Students are expected to be on campus at least 4 hours a day, unless they are behind in their coursework, in which case they are expected to attend 6.5 hours. They can complete these hours anytime between 7 am – 5 pm.  An advisory school meeting is held each Wednesday to establish a culture of success by recognizing individual student achievement with immediate feedback.

At the time of this writing, Innovations High School has been operating for less than one month. As results are available, this profile will be updated. Local leadership is adjusting to a different educational model.

Additional information

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Contact information

Name: Kenneth Grover
Title: Principal
Phone: 801-598-7253


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