Institute co-founders Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn published an article in the Summer 2008 issue of Education Next titled “How Do We Transform Our Schools?” In it, the authors write about how computer-based learning is on the cusp of transforming public education. Read the article here.

The article addresses why computer-based learning has not had a transformational impact to this point, and concludes that it is because schools have “crammed” computers in to the classrooms, rather than let computer-based learning enter disruptively by competing against non-consumption. That is now beginning to happen, and the results are encouraging as online enrollments are up 22 times since 2000. It appears that 50 percent of all high school courses will be offered online by 2019.


  • Michael B. Horn
    Michael B. Horn

    Michael B. Horn is Co-Founder, Distinguished Fellow, and Chairman at the Christensen Institute.