Clay Christensen and the simple health care solution


Mar 4, 2010

Clayton M. Christensen writes in BusinessWeek about how we are asking the wrong question in the current debate over reforming health care in his March 4, 2010 piece, “Health Care: The Simple Solution.”

Christensen encourages Washington to move past the current debate over public versus private and instead address the root causes of why health care is so inaccessible and unaffordable to so many. His answer? It’s business model malpractice.

He adds at the end, “I desperately hope that our lawmakers in Washington fail to reach agreement on either public or private options because these are wrong answers to the wrong questions. Both will permit perpetuation of the sort of business model malpractice that forces us to pay so dearly for health care and will, in the end, strangle our economy.”

Michael is a co-founder and distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. He currently works as a principal consultant for Entangled Solutions.