​What will happen when a crisis of youth disconnection and loneliness meets a world shaped by AI?

Why have so few US companies been willing to change “take your kid to work day” to offer deeper experiences for all—a movement that would impact millions of young Americans facing deeply rooted systemic challenges?

What is “social capital,” and why are programs putting it at the center of their work successfully unleashing the next generation of future leaders and changemakers?

Join Julia Freeland Fisher and panels of experts at SXSW EDU March 4-5 in Austin Texas for these innovative, timely discussions:

NAF Research & Tech Talks: Why the Future of Work Needs a Work-Based Learning Movement (Monday, March 4th, 1-2 PM CT)

Can We Be Friends With Chatbots? (Tuesday, March 5th, 9-10 AM CT)

Building Networks for Success: The Social Capital Advantage (Tuesday, March 5th, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM CT)


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