Boston Globe spotlights Christensen, Hwang’s work on Retail Health Clinics


Jan 18, 2008

In the Jan. 18, 2008 Boston Globe, columnist Steve Bailey spotlights Clayton Christensen and Jason Hwang’s work on retail health clinics, particularly CVS’s MinuteClinic, which recently gained approval in Massachusetts, and yet has sparked controversy because of Mayor Thomas Menino’s opposition. Read about it at

In his column Bailey talks about disruptive innovations and how they transform industries by allowing far more people to partake in products because they are simpler, more affordable, and more convenient.  The personal computer and Southwest airlines are two familiar and classic stories of disruption.  CVS’s MinuteClinic and Wal-Mart’s retail health clinics have the same potential.

Bailey also quotes from a draft of Christensen, Hwang, and Jerome Grossman’s upcoming healthcare book that is due out in August.

Michael is a co-founder and distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. He currently serves as Chairman of the Clayton Christensen Institute and works as a senior strategist at Guild Education.