Submitted by Annette Walaszek, Physical Science Teacher
Note: The information in this profile represents SY2011-12 unless otherwise indicated.

School/organization overview

Name Algoma High School
Type District School
Locale Rural
Headquarters Algoma, Wisconsin
First year of operation Before 2000
Grades served Pre-K-12
Enrollment 622
% FRL 36.8%
% Black or Hispanic 5.8%
Per-pupil funding $9,705 (SY2009-10)

School/organization background

History and context
In 1999, the Algoma High School principal asked if any high school teachers would be interested in teaching online classes. The high school physical science teacher was trained and went on to work as a contracted teacher (in addition to the Algoma contract) for Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS). In the 2010-2011 school year, enrollment in AP Chemistry and Physics classes dropped below 10 students per class. The district purchased the WVS courses for AP Chemistry and Physics and assigned the physical science teacher one period in which to teach both classes using the online format. Other students from Wisconsin were also accepted into the course which helped defray the cost of the program.

Blended-learning program

Name N/A
Focus General
Year launched SY2010-11
Outside investments/grants Unavailable
Enrollment 10
Blended grades 10-12
Blended subjects Science
Content Aventa Learning
SIS K12 Inc.
Independent LMS Blackboard
Independent gradebook PowerSchool
Independent assessment  None
Professional development Wisconsin Virtual School

Program model

Program model: Flex

Model description
Students in AP Chemistry and Physics have a specified class period where they proceed at their own pace through online courses. An in-house teacher is available to provide one-on-one instruction or whole class instruction as necessary.

Program description

Student experience
Students work online at their own pace. When needed the students can contact the in-house teacher for help. The in-house teacher talks with the students daily and determines if and when whole-group instruction is needed.

The need for providing Physics and AP Chemistry coincided with the presence of an in-house teacher who was already under contract with Wisconsin Virtual School to teach those courses online. Because of these unique circumstances there was no obstacle to implementing this program.

Average student scores are the same as for the face-to-face classes in previous years; approximately a B (80-90%) average.

Since the class also includes students from other districts around Wisconsin, the cost of enrolling our students has been offset by the revenue from other districts.

Contact information

Name: Annette Walaszek
Title: Physical Science Teacher
Phone: 920-487-7001


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