High Tech High Schools

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Charter Management Organization Overview

Name High Tech High Schools
Company/organization type Charter Management Organization
Headquarters San Diego, California
Number of schools 11
School locations California
Grades served K-12
% FRL 34%
% Black or Hispanic 46%

Charter Management Organization Description

The vision for High Tech High began to coalesce from 1996 to 1998 when 40 civic and high-tech leaders met routinely to discuss solutions to the lack of individuals with high-tech training in the San Diego area. In late 1998 they decided to start a charter school and named Larry Rosenstock, then president of Price Charities and a past high school principal, as its founding principal.

Today High Tech High operates 11 charter schools in the San Diego and Chula Vista, Calif., area, including two elementary schools, four middle schools, and five high schools. It grounds its schools in a philosophy of personalization, adult-world connection, common intellectual mission, and teacher-as-designer. The school admits students using a zipcode based lottery, which results in a mix of socioeconomic backgrounds among its students.

High Tech High integrates technical and academic education to prepare students for college in both the high-tech and liberal arts fields. Its constructivist philosophy translates into an emphasis on group reflection, collaboration among learners, and the relationship between teacher and student in the learning process.

High Tech High also runs the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (GSE) to provide professional development and teacher credentialing embedded within its village of schools. SGE students learn and work alongside the K–12 teachers, administrators, and students.

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Contact Information

Website: www.hightechhigh.org

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