Disruptive Innovation 101 with Success iD


February 3, 2020

Since Clayton Christensen coined the term Disruptive Innovation in the early 1990s, the term has become virtually ubiquitous, and consequently one of the most misunderstood and misapplied terms in the business lexicon. Disruptive Innovation, in fact has a specific meaning, which is critical for understanding how it transforms companies and industries.

In this episode of the Success iD Podcast, I talk to Glenn Wallis about ways in which managers can use the Theory of Disruptive Innovation to help their teams and companies succeed. We examine how these powerful innovations can unlock enormous growth for both startups and established companies alike.

With a careful understanding of the theory, managers can identify disruptive threats and work to overcome the internal resistance they often encounter in proposing innovative solutions.

For insights into Disruptive Innovation, Jobs to Be Done, and more, listen to the episode below.

Rich Alton is the director of emerging research at the Clayton Christensen Institute. He is responsible for training new visiting research fellows, advising them on research questions, and helping them drive their research to publication.