Gestalt Community Schools

Submitted by Yetta Lewis, Chief Academic Officer
Note: The information in this profile represents SY2012-13 unless otherwise indicated.

Charter Management Organization Overview

Name Gestalt Community Schools
Company/organization type Charter Management Organization
Headquarters Memphis, Tennessee
Number of schools 3
School locations Tennessee
Grades served K-12
% FRL 85%
% Black or Hispanic 99%

Organization Description

Gestalt Community Schools (GCS) is a system of three K-12 college-preparatory charter schools in targeted Tennessee communities. GCS schools provide strong academic outcomes for their scholars through initiatives including meaningful community involvement. GCS catalyzes community leadership to help revitalize the neighborhood as it operates its schools in that community. Instead of debating whether education impacts the community or vice versa, GCS believes that the most effective method to support student achievement is an integration of education and community (a true “gestalt”).

Contact Information

Name: Yetta Lewis
Title: Chief Academic Officer
Email: [email protected]

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